MicroNeedling + PRP

MicroNeedle Advantage

Leading Edge Technology

Rejuvapen's medical-grade Micro-Needling device "pen" is the latest exciting and possibly "Most Advanced" minimally invasive treatment to safely stimulate collagen and elastin production, resulting in the diminished appearance of wrinkles, lines, acne scares, as well as improving overall tone, texture, feel and appearance.

PRP Collagen Repair

Dyscover Med Spa also offers the highly sought after and latest advanced PRP (platelet rich plasma) upgrade centrifuge treatment option where a client's own withdrawn blood platelets are separated and then re-applied into the skin to further stimulate collagen repair and regrowth with its perfect genetic match: YOU! 

Rejuvapen's Best in Class Device

The PRP procedure naturally enhances collagen production which potentially offers maximum skin refining results. Rejuvapen's enhanced device pen is quite simply "Best in Class" of micro-needling devices and combined with our advanced PRP centrifuge, maximizes results.

Advanced Device. Simple Treatment

Micro-Needling is ideal for those not wanting laser or full surgical facial surgery, yet can provide great cost effective and natural results in 1 treatment, with best results typically 4-6 weeks afterwards as the stimulated collagen repair continues, in addition to applied topical growth factor and or the break-through PRP treatment is applied for optimum potential results.

Customized PRP Results

Skin varies person to person, but needle skin-depth to affect and force positive collagen production is critical for maximum results. 

Maximize Results. Licensed RN Injector

MD's, NP's, and our Licensed RN/ Certified Nurse Injector can legally withdraw your own blood for enhanced PRP treatment and also surpass the Arizona mandated 1.mm needle skin-depth limit down to 2.5mm depth for maximum potential client results compared to other providers, such as estheticians. 

Micro-Needling Results that Last

Don't settle for less than YOUR best potential RESULTS with our superior equipment and fully licensed provider that can maximize potential treatment options for you.

Great Results! Why Wait?

Rejuvapen's industry leading Micro-Needling pen device is exceptional and has greatly impacted and positively excited the skin care industry with its proven and effective results, especially in the hands of experienced, licensed, and caring professionals who can optimize results. It works! You deserve terrific looking, fresh, attractive skin now. Don't wait any longer.

Dyscover Med Spa Real Results

Dyscover Med Spa client "before" and "after" Micro-Needling, ONE treatment, 3 weeks time. Notice the beautifully subtle but natural and significant wrinkle reductions of our very pleased client.